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Ripping Whiny Billionaires and Sharpening Guillotines (Worse Than the Mob: The Insurance Industry Is Organized Crime)


Which Country Reads the Most?

America Has 2.5 Million People (in Prison) More Than the Total in China and Russia Combined.

Oh, I misunderstood, the advertising only targets the $200,000+-a-year-crowd?

Sometimes you have to go to a trained comedian to get the proper perspective.

And sharpen your reflexes.

Dislikers of extremely funny profanity should stop reading now.

Comedian Greg Proops Rips Whiny Billionaires: Time To Sharpen Our Metaphorical Guillotines

By Travis Gettys

March 3, 2014

[Image via Greg Proops, Creative Commons licensed]

Comedian Greg Proops ripped into a recent Cadillac commercial for promoting “corporate c*ck-sucking” and called on Americans to sharpen their “metaphorical guillotines.”
In the TV spot, “Poolside,” actor Neal McDonough walks past family members through a large, brightly lit home, asking, “Why do we work so hard? For what? For stuff?”
Conservatives have praised the ad as a celebration of the American work ethic, but Proops said on his Feb. 17 podcast that the narration missed the point – badly.
“There’s places in Europe where they take off the whole month of August – the whole month!” he said, paraphrasing the commercial. “We’re not like that in America. In America, we put our nose to the grindstone every g*ddamn day and suck our corporate master’s d*ck until the j*sm  fills us up like a milkshake.”
We don’t care how much nose we have left when the grindstone burns it all off or what our kids’ orthodonture looks like as long as our corporate masters are sated,” said Proops, who hosted the TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”
He said the commercial referred specifically to France and facetiously wondered why someone would want to spend a month with his or her family instead of working.
Why would you want to be with your loved ones with a paid vacation and a paid maternity leave when you could just work more and more and more, and never get anything for it except a slap in the . . . face when your retirement comes – and probably fired before that pension kicks in?” Proops said.
“At at the end (the actor) looks at the camera and goes, Cadillac — because it’s all about your f*cking c*ck and sh*t, the way it gleams in the golden sunlight when the dappled rays come down and the evening wanes and we realize we’re better than China and India and Brazil or any of the other countries that are going to kick our f*cking ass and rape us anally in the next 10 years,” Proops said.
The automaker’s director of advertising denied the widely panned commercial was aimed at the top 1 percent of wage earners, saying it was targeted at customers who make about $200,000 a year.
Cadillac spokesman Craig Bierley said the ad was not intended to encourage hard work or sacrifice, but instead to suggest that hard work has its rewards – in this case a luxury automobile.
Cadillac does not usually need to extol the virtues of capitalism to sell its cars, but this ad is pushing a plug-in hybrid coupé that sells for $75,000 and up.
Proops said he preferred the French lifestyle to America’s work ethic.
France failed at almost everything except having the best quality of life than almost any other country in the world, and if you’ve ever been to France you can go to a restaurant at 1 in the morning and get a . . .  to-die-for . . . steak and a salad, and the house wine is awesome beyond measure,” he said.
“They take a month off,” Proops continued. “A month? Who wouldn’t want to push a millstone around this circle with a carrot dangling in front of their nose? What kind of a . . . idiot wants to enjoy life every day, having sex with their wife and looking at their loved ones with a gleam in their eyes, spending golden moments sharing outstanding . . . poetry with people that mean the most to you and make your heart reverberate and every golden dawn is like a sunbeam aimed directly at the heart of your soul?”
Proops dismissed Republican concerns about the dignity of work, pointing out that the top 40 hedge fund managers were paid $16.7 billion – the equivalent to 400,000 ordinary workers.
At the same time, he noted that the nation’s richest people complained that they weren’t shown enough deferential respect.
“You must understand that we’re getting very close, and I would never say this because I don’t promote violence in any way – let me put this in a metaphorical sense, and I hope you understand – it’s time to sharpen our metaphorical guillotines, that we’re getting real, real f*cking close to the Louis and Marie Antoinette era,” Proops said.
Listen to the entire podcast posted online by GregProops.com.
[Image via Greg Proops, Creative Commons licensed]

Not even funny.


Guess who profits from DST? "Because so much extra gas is sold during Daylight Saving Time, the lobby representing convenience stores — places that sell tons of gas — are among the biggest backers of keeping the time change intact" So really, we don't know if we are saving anything, but we just keep going along with it. Of course, corporations profit from DST.

Want to know another "not funny" regular thing?

How about that the reason we continue to observe Daylight Savings Time (except for Arizona and xxx) is that more daylight hours ensures more energy use?

Don't be afraid to think for yourselves:

This week there was controversy about the SAT. It's getting an overhaul. I've got news for the SAT. I never took it. My PSAT scores were pathetic. Contrary to popular belief, that you HAVE to take the SAT's, well, no you don't. I made Deans list in college, I excelled and I would never have passed that test. That test is a marketing tool and a corporate money maker. It's not indicative of a student's success in college. It's bullshit. But just like with Daylight Savings Time, we are still going to have the SAT's, because testing is an INDUSTRY.
 We just keep going along with it.
Another thing we just keep going along with, is our pathetic healthcare system. William Rivers Pitt | Worse Than the Mob: The Insurance Industry Is Organized Crime
People go broke trying to stay alive. We profit from sick people. The health insurance companies goal is to deny whatever you need to be healthy. But we continue to go along with a for profit system, that patients and doctors fight with daily. Hours are spent trying to navigate a system that is complicated and burdensome. I have talked to many people who resist a single payer system, because it's SOCIALISM, which is almost the same as COMMUNISM. Because we are still fighting the Cold War in peoples minds.
Guess what? The jobs report came out again. Good news! 175,000 jobs were added! Businesses are hiring! Next thing you know, the jobs report will get revised. Shadow statistics about unemployment may be more reliable. Alternate Unemployment Charts Alternate sources tell us that unemployment is closer to 20%.
This much unemployment keeps wages depressed, while corporate profits are at record highs.
Corporations and the government have merged, but people still have not woken up to this. They know something's wrong, but they still go to Walmart, everyone knows the people who work there are barely surviving. No one thinks the people who own Walmart are having the same problems. No one really cares that the people who work at Walmart are the working poor, probably because the people who shop at Walmart are the working poor and we have a philosophy in this country that the poor deserve their fate.

When the economic system and the political system merge, we have fascism. Common sense would tell you that fascism is worse than socialism or communism. Most people still think we are living in a democracy, that their vote "counts." (for those who still vote) but the government is being run for millionaires.

At what point are people going to wake up and figure out that like Daylight Savings Time, we lose an hour and ordinary people in this country have been losing for years and I'm not talking about just time. When is enough going to be enough?  When everything we do from setting our clocks, to testing our children, being sick or being well is dominated by corporate - government profit, we are no longer free. We have a lot more to be afraid of than socialism or communism.
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We do love our glossy mags, don't we?

But do we get the best ones?

What do people who keep hearing all this talk about potentially catastrophic wealth disparity and economic inequality think when they see page after page after page about shiny $10,000 baubles looking absolutely de rigeur for a certain set of people? Pages like this:

Embellished silk dress, $13,550, at Prada, Beverly Hills; Ecaille spiky bow cuff, $1,020, at Louis Vuitton, Beverly Hills; Ksandra sandals, $1,945, by Edmundo Castillo at Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills; Caftan Moon turquoise hoop earrings, $450, by Aurelie Bidermann at Barneys New York, Beverly Hills; Evening Sea Breeze brocade leopard clutch in gold, $1,685, at Lanvin, Beverly Hills; Piume green nylon tights, $30, at Max Mara, Beverly Hills. Opposite page: Net embroidered gown, $12,000, at Valentino, Beverly Hills; sequin moccasins, price upon request, at Marc Jacobs, West Hollywood. Necklaces from top: Taste & Sense gold-plated brass necklace with vintage glass stones, sunset quartz, angelite stones and hand-cut leather petals, $805, by Lizzie Fortunato at shop bop.com; crystal link necklace, $1,190, at Oscar de la Renta, Melrose Place; Monteroso gold-plated necklace, $1,295, by Aurelie Bidermann at Barneys New York, Beverly Hills; silk and polyester scarf in red (on seat), $690, at Lanvin, Beverly Hills; carved rose bracelet, $395, and gold flower earrings, $450, both at Oscar de la Renta, Melrose Place.

There's 12 pages of that. Actually, there's 153 pages of it. And these are the people for whom Paul Ryan and our political elites are bickered about how much to cut "entitlements." Because… baby needs new shoes. It's the American way.

Think about it at Church today… about Ryan's complaint that the Left is trying to give starving children full stomachs and empty souls. I'm sure Paul Ryan and his brood are. Next time they tell you to settle for the lesser of two evils, think about what Bernie said up top and what Grayson said below and, bookmark this link. This uncontrollable, murderous, destructive greed and selfishness has got to stop.


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Greg Proops is a very astute fellow, and funny.
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