Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Knowing that everyone would be watching last evening's debate quite studiously (as most would be writing ponderous critiques about it later - if not tweeting during), a dark levity came a-stalking Pottersville. It was almost enough to take that famous stroll with that favorite angel over to that fourth-rate bar and drown our sorrows before getting tossed out for questioning the bona fides of the other customers.

So, just a few necessary comments about tonight's extremely serious Democratic Party debate.

Which turn out to be way more interesting than the debate.

Which was quite civilized and courteous.

Entirely unlike the rest of the campaign.

To which we must continue to be prepared to be subjected.

From that over-the-big-top site Lawyers, Guns & Money:

wengler says:
The real loser in this debate is Anderson Cooper. He tried to get the candidates to fight the whole time. I think Webb is going to punch him afterward though so it might work out.

Jordan says:

On the original statements. The first two were way better than the rest.

also:  makes Clinton defend capitalism on tv. hehe.

Ken says:
October 13, 2015 at 9:06 pm

So who’s participating other than Clinton and Sanders? Never mind, Jordan listed them. Any signs that Biden will suddenly appear, maybe raised through a trapdoor?

(I’d flip channels to check, but the remote is just out my reach, and besides The Brain that Wouldn’t Die is on.)

Warren Terra says:

Any signs that Biden will suddenly appear, maybe raised through a trapdoor?

Pshaw. Zipline, followed by a barechested fistfight to seize the podium from Webb.

wjts says:

Driving his Trans Am onto the stage.
(This is, I think, the only aspect of The Onion’s Biden coverage I find suspect. I’m pretty sure Biden’s more of a bitchin’ Camaro kind of guy.)

Jordan says:
That would be pretty funny. Half way through, WWE style music … ENTER THE BIDEN.

Jordan says:
Hehe, he just should just somehow cruise through the back of the thing in this. That would also be acceptably awesome.

Gregor Sansa says:
Clinton: ISIS poses a threat to our “friends and neighbors” in the Middle East.

wjts says:
Which neighbors? Because I’m kind of OK with ISIS going after the ones across the street (we call them “the Shrieklingtons”).

Jordan says:
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Driftglass, as usual, has the best take on the planet:

Irresponsible Post-Debate Speculation

Lincoln Chafee was a block of granite. An invisible block of granite.

Martin O'Malley now knows what it's like to be black in America. Or, at least, what its like to be black and trying to hail a cab in America. (Excuse me. Anderson. Anderson. I'd like... Excuse me. Anderson.)

Bernie Sanders was very good. He did nothing to make any Bernie Sanders supporters unhappy, and came across as intelligent, sincere and far too sketchy on guns. He had the best laugh/applause line of the night -- "...the American people are tired of hearing about your damn emails" -- which elicited the only (partial) standing ovation from the audience. He's not a pacifist. He will not apologize for being a Democratic Socialist or a conscientious objector in Vietnam, and has worked closely with his friend and Vietnam vet, Jim Webb, on veteran's issues.

Hillary Clinton was very good. Tough, good-humored with well-prepared, substantive responses to most of her points of highest vulnerability (Iraq). She appreciates Martin O'Malley's endorsement for President in 2008, blew a big kiss to Kevin McCarthy and was far too sketchy on trade and her cozy relationship with Wall Street criminals.

Anderson Cooper was enough of a pissy dick to everyone to be able to be called "fair" by his bosses.

. . . Any Democrat should be proud to have this ground to choose from.

And any American should be horrified that the alternative to the eventual Democratic nominee will not be an honorable and substantive public servant, but a demagogue leading a mob of imbeciles, bigots and lunatics.


It's only the beginning.

And is it the end of the road for Brooksy baby?

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