Sunday, July 3, 2016

(Abolish July 4th Celebrations?)  Obama/Bellicose Hillary (Queen of Chaos) Buried Vietnam Syndrome - Center Not Holding  (Clintons Specialty Is Neutralizing Opposition To Republican Programs:  Trump Programs More Progressive?)  Hillary Qualitatively Worse: Neoliberal Pols On the Run   (Murderous US Vehicle To Guarantee World Domination)

I've always thought that if you paid close attention for long enough that every single confusing and confused government event would be eventually uncloaked in all its freshly-revealed, career-advancing "glory."

After all did you really believe that this young man was involved in this type of public mayhem under his own aegis after being questioned/interviewed/recruited earlier by the NSA/FBI/CIA? None of the propagandised story made any (logical) sense - highly reminiscent of the stories about the previously NSA/FBI/CIA-interviewed young men blamed for the Boston bombing/homicide event.

The USA! USA! USA! never won anything but easy victories against weak foes after the Civil War, and even during the Civil War, well-educated Confederate generals won most of the engagements using their superior preparation and strategic planning skills.

Is anyone really surprised that a group of poorly prepared US soldiers (bullies) touted as supremely talented natural leaders would lead thousands of kids to their deaths in a series of seemingly unending attacks on people who posed no threat to the USA! USA! USA! other than perhaps having land possessing some natural value or a geographic location necessary to some money-making venture engaged in by some powerful controlling entities?

Yes. They looked brave on the shores of Normandy. Try not to remember that the Russians beat the Germans to death with their strategic brilliance while losing millions of their own people before the USA! USA! USA! even decided to join the fight (and that the Bushes and their associated banker buddies actually aided and profited from the German victories during the first years of World War II).

Supreme Court Decision OKs Legalized Bribery in Bob McDonnell (Ex-Va. Governor) Case

Wonder when we'll learn the results (outcome) of Hillary Clinton's FBI Interview?

Because she's the Queen of Chaos?

And Attorney General Loretta Lynch is just a gooood friend.

Hillary:  Ordinarily Awful or Uncommonly Awful.

The corrupted, murderous US vehicle for world domination detailed here.

Happy Independence Day!!!


TONY @oakroyd said...

Obama's unsuccessful intrusion into the disastrous Brexit referendum here goes down in his legacy as yet another failure.

Cirze said...


They only fail upward, remember?

Just wait til they pass the TPP/TTIP/Whatever-other-neolib-gifts-they-can-put-a-bow-on-and-pass-quickly during the lame duck session after the next election . . .

PARTY Time!!!!!!