Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hillary Exposes Self  (Britxit!)  Blow for Peace and Democracy  (Going to Hell In A Bankbasket/Puppet Mastery)  Hillary's Sads  (Failing Up Makes Sense to Dumbed-Down Americans) No Irony Thinking at Yale (Rat-F*cked Country)

More Hillary Hell or just one more trip to purgatory?

After the Clintons were elected in 1992 I noticed that nothing I expected them to do seemed to even be in the realm of possibility. I remember hearing some well-placed people surmise that it surely looked like the fix was in for the money interests behind their surprising come-from-behind victory as everybody knows that no one wins the U.S. Presidency who wasn't vetted by the owners previously. Not since Jimmy Carter anyway. And certainly never anyone like Bernie Sanders. And thus the lying and cheating that are now a daily embarrassment for the real Democrats in the USA! USA! USA!

Hillary Terminally Exposed by Her Own Words (Ones She Wasn't Going to Own Up To Except to Her Funders)

We've all been dragged into the fear mire now? (H/t Charlie Pierce)

I Dread What's Coming. Truly. I Do.

Don't miss the revealing comments.

Secret UK Government Memos Expose Link Between Oil Firms and Invasion of Iraq

(This article was originally published in 2011 but is getting much better publicity/exposure now.)

Hardly a surprise, but at least the Britons (I know it's not a precise usage, but I really love the mental images that arise) are fighting their way to a better understanding/an awakening from the almost drug-induced (if the overwhelming government propaganda can be viewed as a powerful drug) fraudulent information they've been fed since the Maggie Thatcher Rage Against the Peasants wilding days.

What a country.

Theirs. Not ours.

A Blow for Peace and Democracy

If you've been worrying about having been fooled anew for the last blood-drenched (not so much U.S. blood - except for stateside) eight years, stop reading today's essay now, because the blood is scheduled to flow hard again. And that's just in Afghanistan - we're not talking U.S. blood-flow funding in Syria, Libya, Yemen . . . .

And what have they (our nauseating Neolib/Neocon leaders) replaced solid American jobs with? Try not to think too hard about their compensation structure and how all our social security (no kidding - ALL) is being ferreted away to defray those necessary "costs."

But but . . . there were real Wall Street reforms. Right? (Naaaah.)

And who could believe the latest news about those golden firms Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Met Life? Or maybe I should say let's get Obama to explain how the smartest guys he knows like Jamie Dimon, Robert Rubin and any other finance loser at the public's cheap/free money trough could have so screwed up their companies and the public at the same time they were banking those sweet, sweet bonuses.

Do you think there might be a good case to make to rid our corporate-impoverished body politic of those vampire corporations?

Goldman Sex, er. . . I mean Sachs, and its golden twin, Morgan Stanley. Such good citizens, er. . . corporations, er. . . people! Who would want to yank these lovely, helpful, much-praised people from their rightful places in the Dow?

Banks tank and still Wall Street is allowed to keep relevant information secret?

Even in London they are starting to try to make things right. Finally.

Although somehow the firm at the center of the Fed leak investigation is now writing for the "Financial Times."
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One almost has disbelief about the level of Hillary angst.


But no one likes the people who steal their jobs (and their retirement).

No one.

Hillary Might Not Be the Democratic Nominee

Looks like there is no "advanced class in irony" at Yale.

Even less irony found here - Rat-F*cked.

Lee is so much more than camp.

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