Thursday, July 7, 2016

FBI Disparaging Own Reports?  (Chilcot Report On WMD's A Whitewash)

DOJ Accepts FBI Report:  No Charges for Hillary (Only Rose Bouquets).

FBI Disparages Its Own 9/11 Report

Chilcot Report A Whitewash:  Everyone Knew There Were No WMD's

If you're not watching "Redacted Tonight" at every opportunity, you are missing some of the best news commentary available anywhere (and it's also online!).

Lee Camp is a belly-laugh funny/insightful guru and a pure pleasure to watch/listen to anytime.

Check him out here.

Also in the breaking news:


Green Eagle said...

" beat the Germans to death with their strategic brilliance "

Well, the Russians beat them to death by willing to sacrifice more millions of troops than the Germans ever thought possible. After Stalingrad, in particular, the whole story of the eastern front was an inevitable pounding of Germany by Russian troops with just about unlimited manpower and equipment, while Germany was starving for troops, fuel and everything else. In fact, since the Civil War (the first modern war) every major war (not counting guerilla campaigns) has come down to nothing but who has the most stuff.

Cirze said...

And then there was that whole macho Russian "thing" (otherwise known as brilliant strategy) of sacrificing their cities and all natural sustenance therein by burning everything in the path of the oncoming German army.

Oh, so that "most stuff" argument is why the U.S. won so easily in Vietnam - and Afghanistan.

I'll mention it to the Iraqis when the next fire fights begin again.

We love us some history, don't we?

Someone should alert Dick Cheney.

Love your blog!