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(Does Anyone (Smart) Listen to TV News Anymore?) Oh No They Didn't! Dead Guy Went Crazy - Had To Be Killed - In Police Dept. (Best Responses To Nonsense News - EVER!)

Watch this (if you dare).

Or continue to be unpleasantly surprised (if you're not already a member of the thug gang and are thusly "pleasantly" surprised - as I'm sure none of my readers are).

We are well beyond the Keystone Cops here. This is like if the Trailer Park Boys were in charge of our Justice Department. It’s a farce. That’s all I can say about it.

I've heard about time warps (and we have held off several days from publishing anything concerning these events (and have absolutely no comment on this surreal government announcement)) but this account arrives from Florida - so there's that to consider.

But, really.

Calling Dr. Who?

From our buddy at American Everyman we learn  more than is actually learnable (and I admit to being as flummoxed as he at the initial reports).

  1. An FBI interrogation without video or audio? Where did they interrogate him, the 1940s?
    • Maybe it was the Amish branch of the FBI. They took buggies down to Orlando to question the guy. They left sometime right after the murders, three years ago and just got down there yesterday.

    • Included a par(agraph) of that article as a new update on the article with a tip of the hat to you. Holy shit, huh? It’s policy designed so they can lie to the public and the courts about what witnesses say and institutional policy at that. Holy shit. They really are just a gang of thugs aren’t they?

  2. Ungh! Too much! Brain damage! Must watch more CNN to drown it out and remove the pain!

    “Sources Say” Dead Guy Fingered Tamerlan and Then “Just Went Crazy”

    by willyloman

    by Scott Creighton

    UPDATE: (H/T The Walrus) – Oh. Silly me. I forgot that the FBI has a blanket policy of not recording their interviews or interrogations so that they can lie as much as they want about what a suspect or witness says. It’s official policy for the entire FBI. Silly me. I forgot for a second and thought they were somehow still at least attempting to appear legit.

    “But the FBI leaves out the even more potent criticism of its practice — that such interview tactics seem virtually geared toward establishing as fact what the FBI wanted to hear from the witness. Frightened and confused interviewees, who, if they deny they said what any 302 report claims they uttered, can then be indicted for making false statements. The FBI is thus able to put words into a witness or suspect’s mouth and coerce him to adopt the FBI’s version as his own. The FBI thus establishes the official version of what a witness said, and the pressure on the witness to adhere to the 302 version is enormous. Any deviation, after all, raises the question: “Were you lying during your FBI interview, or are you lying now?”” Boston Globe 2010
One guy asks the questions while the other guy pretends to fill out the 302 report that was actually filled out by a PR guy a couple days before and when the suspect refuses to sign it, shit happens I guess. Oh, wait… he goes “crazy” and has to get shot.
(thanks Walrus)

Are you shitting me?

ABC "News" (ok, they can't even be called "news" after this) is reporting that "sources" told them that Ibragim Todashev was about to sign a confession, saying he and Tamerlan Tsarnaev brutally murdered a couple of guys over some drugs two years ago, when he suddenly and out of the blue "went crazy" and started stabbing the FBI agent for no apparent reason.
"An acquaintance of deceased Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was "about to sign a statement" confessing his and Tsarnaev's involvement in an unsolved triple murder when he was killed by an FBI agent, sources told ABC...

... At some point during the interview, Todashev "just went crazy," law enforcement officials told ABC News. The Chechen immigrant pulled out a knife and stabbed the FBI agent several times before the agent shot and killed him. The agent's injuries were non-life threatening." Huffington Post

You mean to tell me the guy took the time to make a confession and snitch on Tamerlan, even writing it all down, then OUT OF THE BLUE he gets his hands on some kind of little knife and attacks one of the 5 or more armed law enforcement officers in the room?

“It’s not clear who shot Todashev
, officials say, because — while he was being questioned by an FBI agentofficers from the Massachusetts state police and the Orlando police department were also present in the house where the interrogation was going on.” NBC “news”

The FBI could not have confessed that they killed Ibragim Todashev while trying to coerce him into a false confession any better if they has set out to do that.

They don’t have a video or audio tape of the confession. If they did, it would have been released by now. It would also have the attack on it.

At what time did law enforcement stop recording confessions?

Apparently they also didn’t have a signed statement either.

And what do you mean it’s not clear who shot him? How many people fired a gun in the little room? Do you think the law enforcement “experts” could figure that one out?

So in fact, they got bullshit. Nothing but some agent’s say-so coming from unnamed “sources” who can never be held responsible for lying to the public.

We are well beyond the Keystone Cops here. This is like if the Trailer Park Boys were in charge of our Justice Department. It’s a farce. That’s all I can say about it.

The only way these officers involved don’t look like the most incompetent cops in history is if they were simply looking to frame this guy and he resisted so they killed him.
Either they are the biggest clowns law enforcement has ever seen or they’re thugs. And honestly, we all know which side they come down on.

Five trained officers in a little room with a 140-lb guy and they let him get to a knife and stick one of their companions a few times before one of them gets off a shot… and they don’t know who shot him?

Is that a joke or something? Are we supposed to even pretend to be stupid enough to believe that? And no recording of any kind OF THE INTERROGATION?

Or are we supposed to be polite enough to allow the authorities to simply execute citizens on the spot if they refuse to play ball?


That’s just insulting. That’s all there is too it. And as dumb as that is, it’s the second dumbest thing I’ve heard today.
willyloman | May 22, 2013 at 7:55 pm 

The second dumbest? Come on.

Nothing to see here.

Move along.

You hear Obama's finally closing Gitmo?

Oh yeah.

Good news.

Move along.

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