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Investments Move Overseas As Happy-Talk Rethugs and Dims Take Kickbacks and Minimize Job Loss Fears of 99% (Who Don't Count)

[BREAKING NEWS: Largest Student Beat Downs You Never Heard About]

I'm a little bit late in getting these videos to you, but it's been a trying day already and I hope this makes more sense to you than some of it does to me as I'm becoming a believer in esoteric (or psychotic) history. And that's not really a joke. But considering that we're finally getting some real-time information about how many of "our" used-to-be trusted owners are now openly switching their investments from the U.S. (surprised?) to China and India (by the thousands (cause that's where the money is now)), including Rmoney's Bain Capital (because the peasants haven't complained about the rapes and murders yet), I hope one more day of ignorance doesn't kill us.

You've got to admit, after watching this first video, that it certainly gives one pause about the last 30-years' worth of disingenuous media trash talk about all the "good" reasons for the purposive degradation (and annihilation) of the American work force (and don't believe it if you dare), but in a so-called age of overwhelming information, we know hardly a pittance about these developments from our mainstream celebrity-obsessed media.

Here in Chapel Hill it hasn't escaped my notice that almost every third student I see around the library and student centers is Asian. The figures contained within this video on the students attending college/university in this country from China, India, Korea, etc.,  versus the students in the US  over there is mind twisting. As the man says, "Asia's eating our lunch and dinner." Now, don't get my intention wrong in bringing this detail up as I've always thought a diverse population anywhere brought many virtues to almost any gathering, but it's hard to look around at what the people of North Carolina built through their taxes and donations with very few North Carolina students now attending. Not that there's anything wrong with that. They may be at Duke, or State, or Charlotte, or Asheville, or even at the beach, Wilmington. But they are not here in the numbers they used to be.

Don't miss this one (and even though it's from May of 2011, it was just yesterday, folks). James Wolfensohn was President of the World Bank from 1995 - 2005 and he knows of what he speaks (and remember with whom they filled that same position from the Iraq War debacle - right - Paul Wolfowitz, Cheney minion, Iraq War promoter, and PNAC founder with many ties to Israel's rightwing). (Try not to notice the fear in the students' faces as they listen to his solemn, fact-filled, life-threatening speech.)

As I shared a house with a professor from Finland recently who was in this country to participate in an academic gathering examining the current political situation and investment in Africa (he was a Zambia expert), I thought you should know at least what I know (which is not much obviously as I don't watch much mainstream media (MSM) (which as you know doesn't cover international affairs anymore, except for wars)), but the attendees from all over the globe knew.

And I used to (when the news media was actually reporting on the facts as new events occurred outside of the U.S.), and it made me feel sad at the fact that even those of us who are motivated to keep up are kept in the dark by the news blackout stateside. And, yes, I used to take several news journals like Foreign Policy and many others that were hugely informative sources when I was younger, but as I aged, the neoCons came to power, and I began to feel a little bit odd (in an intellectual sense, of course) when the stories in those magazines seemed to favor what I'd call neocolonialist perspectives. Kissinger's troops had obviously prevailed, undercover, and the public (and I for a while also) just thought the reporting was lousy.

Benjamin Fulford, a Canadian, who used to be a well-respected Asia/Pacific reporter for Forbes magazine, does know what goes on internationally (or at least he did when he was a part of the inner circle). He speaks their languages, has worked in that part of the world for decades, and offers us the next interesting video where he closely questions David Rockefeller (a surprised, and suddenly unhappy, Rockefeller who had obviously expected softball questions) on the idea that Asians may have a different take on the machinations of the European bankers they've been dealing with. He also provides some nice asides on what Rockefeller says and fails to say from time to time. I have no real knowledge of all that Fulford mentions (who would without Fulford's history and access?) in passing, but he's been out there a long time, and it's easy to see him by his language use as an anti-Kissinger.

Fulford states that he bets most of the connected individuals on the inside of these secret plots are not evil. But they are deathly scared and have been threatened (as he has himself).

I should mention that this reporting seemed revealing of some secret knowledge to me at my gutter level of understanding of the ins and outs of international politics now, and it occurs to me that these overseas events may have been the impetus for that Goldman Sachs employee who quit last week after being sickened at having his clients called "muppets" (by real muppets) one time too many.

Many ideas are coming together in my mind after viewing these videos. One remembrance that comes back to me time and again revolves around how badly Jimmy Carter, ex-President of the United States of America, was treated by an MSM outlet (at someone's urging surely) when he tried to speak truth to the American people during a broadcast about the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands. I wondered then at what must have happened in the background in order for Carter to be brave enough to speak his mind, and thought it was indicative of his strong belief in truth and American ideals to have the courage to dare to go outside of the box in commenting on that bloody situation.

Dr. Alan Sabrosky, another knowledgeable academic internationally, who headed the U.S. War College for 5 1/2 years, provides another example of truth leaking out when he ventured to shine some light on what's going on outside of the media siren-infested spotlight. After you listen to his video you will be left wondering whether "they" can also minimize his stature and integrity as they have done to so many others in order to diffuse this type of understanding in the West.

Taking a breath . . .  a deep breath. In trying to clear my head last evening I saw a marvel, (lucky me as some fate intervened and provided me with the last ticket to the sold-out show!) the original Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, performing together in Memorial Hall at UNC Chapel Hill, where the audience listened to some of the most exciting, inventive, jumping jazz fusion (I guess you'd have to deem it) I have ever heard, and partook in a mutual dervish trance. Magic happened. Yes, you can still find a few fine moments every now and then  in which to fill your life with joy and awe - not to mention incredibly fine music. This performance was one. Don't miss them if you have the chance to see this last ensemble of the originals who play music from what seems like every genre imaginable mixed within a subtle, fascinating, and evidently unique art frame.

Howard Levy wrote "Sweet Pomegranates."


That Howard! Those Wooten brothers (Future Man?). And Béla !

Did you know that Béla Anton Leoš Fleck was named after Béla Bartók,  Anton Webern and Leoš Janáček?

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