Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More Deep Doo-Doo From the Radical Right? The Smarty ALECs Trying To Ruin Our Country Have Just Changed Names (Awaiting Another Day In Whch To Achieve Major US Damage?)

If you thought only George H. W. Bush (President George I) had no problem with burying the world in "deep (voodoo) doo-doo" (not to mention his son's contribution), listen to his successor, Bill O'Reilly, call Robert Reich, ex-Secretary of Labor, founder of Common Cause, and Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy, "a communist who secretly adores Karl Marx." (Bill-O, to add to his reputation as an educated intellectual and original thinker, has recently published a book on Lincoln so full of errors and wrong-headed reasoning that many bookshops have refused to sell it.)

What I admire most about Bob Reich is how easily he deflects the ad hominem attack and turns it back on the whole Faux Snooze apparatus, and in turn depicts who they really are.

Burying Our Political World in Deep Doo-Doo To Keep People From Thinking Clearly

Ordinarily I don't bother repeating anything Bill O'Reilly says. But this particular whopper is significant because it represents what O'Reilly and Fox News, among others, are doing to the national dialogue.

They're burying it in deep doo-doo.
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You know who these rightwinger rats scampering rapidly away from the ALEC debacle remind me of? Don't ask. It's too grim, but the similarities with their overwhelming self assuredness (and for no reason in their case) will make you shiver.

Marx and Engels were intelligent deep thinkers (just read a little of Das Capital before you start arguing with me). No matter what you think of their political ideas, they spent their lives working on original economic arguments and writing tomes that documented them (30 years on the planned six-volume book) that informed and changed the world (in ways both good and bad). Whereas these rodents are just strong-willed (and rather stupid, but well-remunerated) radicals who some might argue have crossed the line into fascism.

And they are willing to take our world down with them.

From my buddy, Tom Harper, at Who Hijacked Our Country:

The National Center for Public Policy Research - The New ALEC

Here's a tidbit to enjoy after you read Tom's exceptionally fine, concise reporting above. I've forgotten where I saw it first, so mea culpa.

Ain't history fun?


Tom Harper said...

Thanks for the link. This rightwing abscess seems to be everywhere, in infinite supply. How to cure it? It's like cutting off a head of the Hydra, or trying to get the salt out of the ocean.

Suzan said...

It's always a pleasure to highlight your sparkling prose, Tom.

I agree with your metaphors. They are everywhere.

And they are not friendly.

Have you listened to Benjamin Fulford who used to be a very important correspondent for Forbes Magazine lately? He's either suffered a breakdown (he says he was the target of assassins paid by the regular NWO thugs) or we're in a lot more trouble than we know.

I wish I were more religious (okay, at all) sometime. Like now when I fear the world is totally in the hands of the truly venal.

Thanks for the comments!

Peace to you and yours,