Friday, April 20, 2012

Kudos To Levon Helm - Best Drummer Ever

We love you, Levon. And owe you big.

The ultimate soulman.


(Dedicated to my angelic sister Gale.)


Mouser said...

Great videos!

Life is finite.

Up on cripple creek any day now I will be released.

Levon Helm of the Band goes at age 71 to a happier hunting ground.

At the tail end of the 60's peace movement, before Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma and 9/11, the Band captured the spirit of personal and world peace in their concerts, music and guest artists.

That spirit lay dormant after 1972 until the new millennium and is since 2005 making a noticeable comeback with truth and antiwar movements, personal and organized, around the world.

Shine on you crazy diamonds. Make love not war.

Zionism kills.

Peace and love,


Suzan said...

Thanks, M.

The tribute to Levon and the peace and love troops couldn't be better aimed.

I've certainly felt for a long time that we've been up on Cripple Creek nationally, looking for a peaceful release.

We've got to stand firm and demand the type of future that will ensure we can all shine on.

From one crazy diamond to another



Love to you and yours.