Sunday, April 15, 2012

Obama's Dual Presidency (And It's Something We Should Think Seriously About) Not To Mention His Promise To Negotiate Away Social Security and Medicare Guarantees During the Second Term (Let Alone Dodging Assassins)

I know I'm losing all my friends whenever I bring up topics like the one Karen Garcia is lucidly addressing over at Sardonicky, but . . .

F R A C K!

It's important.

And speaking of important stuff, does anyone else think it's just a little bit suspicious that a brigade of Secret Service officers were caught wanking off (or not properly remunerating the wankees enough) and deported from Cartagena, Colombia (remember scary Colombia?) after breaking their solemn (and rather expensive) employment agreements (not to mention the obvious ethical considerations)?

Gordon Duff at Veterans Today asks: What If It's Not About Whores?

He thinks that a much more world-changing event (like the attempted assassination of Obama) may have been what's transpired (from our friends in Israel) and led to the removal of certain personnel who were involved (and much, much more).

. . . This means the whole thing is a farce.

We could go a step further. Imagine yourself an American citizen in Colombia at a 4 Star hotel such as The Caribe. Picture the hotel staff calling the police to have you arrested because a prostitute that they let into the hotel was demanding money from a patron.

. . . Whoever thought this one up better hope they are very good friends with the owners of the hotel. I can imagine how this one will look on the Comment section of or on Rick Steves' new "Let's Visit Colombia for Drugs and Whores."

That whores story makes a lot more sense now.

And it certainly reminds one about all the Secret Service rumors in Dallas in 1963, doesn't it?

And being Sunday, and looking back at this busy, busy week - I'm also speaking somewhat personally here (in which I lost another place in which I lived briefly - hint hint - contributions are encouraged from anyone who would like to help me find another residence . . . .) . . .

there was this hard-to-fathom (or perhaps not) news . . .

Gunter Grass Speaks

The Nobelists, the Zionists and Where It Hurts Most

Part of the poem criticizes Germany for selling nuke-capable submarines to Israel. In March, Germany announced that it would sell Israel a sixth Dolphin-class submarine capable of carrying nuclear warheads with an operating range of 4,500 kilometers.

Why should Israel need super advanced nuclear submarines? Why should Germany threaten the security in the world by such an uncalculated act?

. . . Germany is not alone in empowering the Zionist regime. A new report reveals that Washington has contributed over 115 billion dollars in financial aid to Israel over a period of 64 years, which averages out to about $4.9 million a day . . . .

Pretty good questions for a "Dancing With the Stars"-entranced American public?

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