Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jack Abramoff To Lead OWS? Frauds Continue to Abound - Brace Yourself for End of American Empire Which This Way Comes

A commenter at Paul Krugman's site suggested that the reformed Jack Abramoff would be the perfect spokesman for Occupy Wall Street (Occupy the Congress?) . . . "to help clean up a system that none of us respect." If only life were so simple.

Too bad that most of us business management professionals would  only assume he had adopted another brand. He's quite at home there, however, conversing with Professor Lawrence Lessig, wouldn't you say? Just like two old university colleagues conducting a seminar.
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Chris Hedges has always been a voice of reason and a pretty good historian with lots of personal experience behind his judgments, in my opinion.  He defines the decline of the American Empire in his latest book, Death of the Liberal Class, on Book TV on CSPAN2 and puts a stake through the heart of the "Obama as change candidate" meme and calls Goldman Sachs a "criminal enterprise." For most of us who understand the uses of propaganda, it's almost surprising to see someone speak out about its reality and not be afraid of mortal backlash. Obviously, it's so clear to those on top that the competition is over and they have won, that it really doesn't matter much what anyone is allowed to say anymore. They know that the relevant audience is almost incapable of understanding it.

I recommend that anyone who actually wants to understand exactly what has led the U.S. rush into fascism should watch this video. It's a wow'er!

After you view it, you'll understand why I think Chris Hedges would be an ideal candidate to aid in the organizing of the Occupy efforts. And that Jack Abramoff is undoubtedly just trying to find a new career (with a nice smile) after his four years in prison for robbing the American people and destroying the Constitution.

It seems we are definitely on the cusp of something earth-shattering here before the election. Staying in Afghanistan indefinitely, not really out of Iraq, supporting "Arab Spring" antagonists all over the globe, not to mention ignoring the jobs plight and growing army of the new poor (47 million in toto) in the U.S. proper.


May Day commentary?

From across the pond. (And it's a bleeper!)

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