Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shame IS Due! The "Liberal?" Media Loves To Sink Liberals - Something Stinks: John Edwards and a Thirty Year Jail Term?

Just try mentioning the inequality obviousness. It'll get you 30 years.

And you didn't even murder anyone.

Russ Baker strikes again!

Something Stinks: John Edwards and a Thirty Year Jail Term?


Does no one else find the very fact of John Edwards being on trial curious? Does no one else wonder about the criminal basis for the prosecution? About who in politics does and does not end up being destroyed by matters related to sexual behavior? Let me preface my take on the Edwards trial with one general observation: Not all politicians are created equal. And not all are treated equally. Therein lies an issue deserving a much, much closer look: whether vulnerable Democrats, chiefly of the liberal persuasion, are targeted for destruction.  Or at least helped along to their doom by a double standard.

But first, the specifics of the Edwards case
. He faces a potential $1.5 million fine, but, far more seriously, up to thirty years imprisonment. Thirty years. His crime? Not murder, not torture, not armed robbery, not stealing money from clients. No, his crime was his failure to report campaign contributions. While preparing for his second presidential bid, in 2006, he got caught up in an extramarital affair that produced a child. And, not exactly able to announce that fact or ask his sick wife to sign off, the wealthy Edwards turned to some wealthy backers to take care of the woman and the baby and hide the whole thing from Elizabeth Edwards and presumably everyone else. Two people gave him a total of $900,000.

So much for the notion of a “liberal” media showing favoritism to its own.  My experience is that the “liberal” label when applied to journalists is a red herring which distracts us from the fundamentally accommodationist nature of the corporate-owned media.

But the liberal label is effective in pressuring journalists to prove they do not coddle liberals — by doing the exact opposite.

No coward Russ.

(Now will you read his book,

Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years?)

And although I campaigned for John and knew Elizabeth, it never occurred to me after seeing the facts and knowing the law surrounding these charges, that they were anything but politically inspired. And not by true liberals. (If there are any still in existence.)

You can laugh at me if you like, but it seems crystal clear from Pottersville that the fascists are triumphing as the fascism fans are not prosecuted and the democrats are.


Cujo359 said...

Call me naive, but I think what generally happens is that when liberals screw up like this, there aren't many folks in power who are inclined to help them. Plus, there is more incentive to find something on them. Conservatives are part of the club, generally.

Kinda makes you wonder what Dennis Kucinich learned about himself when he took that airplane ride before the health care vote, doesn't it?

Suzan said...

I would never call you naive, sweetie.

I thought they told him his wife was threatened myself. But I am naive obviously as I can't imagine Dennis caving for anything minor.

And as for John . . . you didn't catch the CIA involvement, did you? Just like Gary Hart and Muskie.

Without lots of black (and I don't mean skin color) ops going on in the past, we'd have probably never been blessed with the Bushes and Reagan!

But, I'm just following the smoke.

Love ya, baby,