Sunday, January 22, 2012

How South Carolina Continues to Try To Triumph Over the Union (Aided and Abetted By the New Carpetbaggers and Scallywags)

Remember when all truly serious people were really confused about Newt Gingrich's uncalled-for (based on his being thrown out of Congress and forced to pay a $300,000 fine for fraud), recurring appearances on Sunday morning talking head shows (not to mention mainstream media "news" shows), and how "seriously" his nonsense opinions were then discussed by the brainless nonentities running those shows (David Gregory, I'm looking at you and your bestest buddies including David Brooks and Tom Friedman, whom you never actually ask anything but softball open-ended questions about their "opinions")?

I do.

And if you don't know by now that the whole time (ramped up to high speed in the years after the election of Obama) he was being set up by them for this "spectacular" (and embarrassing to anyone with a memory or conscience) and amazing unpredicted "win" backed by the powerful South Carolina fundamentalists (racists and haters of all legislation benefitting those on the bottom of the money pyramid (who actually include most of themselves, but having swallowed the Rethug line decades ago about their being the "real American aristocrats" don't know it)), Mormon haters (or am I repeating myself?), and the most uneducated and bigoted group of voters available en masse in the U.S. today, reading further here probably won't enlighten you any.

Juan Cole speaks eloquently about this phenomena (for me and millions of others, I'll bet), and holds the so-called journalists, who've either forgotten their training or never had any, really responsible for this mess (where the rallying cry of bigots and fools who despise Obama rule the day).

And speaking of David F. Brooks/Tom Friedbrain type journalists' continuing utility to those in power, Charles Pierce tells us all we need to know.

As if we needed any further lessons about this group of bounders.

Born in South Carolina (and extremely embarrassed about it (again)),



One Fly said...

I'm embarrassed for where I'm from too Susan. Nothing like what you have going on though.

I pay little or no attention. What chaps my ass is dumb asses on my side who say whichever may be the repug candidate is not electable.

Look the fuck out everybody because we could wake up to a real and I mean real nightmare the morning after this coming election.

Suzan said...

Thanks for noticing, and all your positive comments, F.

You know I'm in total agreement on that as the laws passed under Bush and since seem to be needed only in preparation for a real nightmare.

Fight the power.

Whatever power.


BuelahMan said...

Hey Suzan,

Are you as chapped as this guy?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Newt Gingrich has had more wives and gods than hairstyles.

Sadly, the Right is so set upon removing the Kenyan Marxist Usurper they will line-up and vote for whomever wins the nomination, they've got voter suppression bills everywhere and if all their lies fail then they Right isn't opposed to Stochastic terrorism.