Friday, January 27, 2012

Nootie Space-Bound? Liberals Exposed? DEAD Alive!

Did you know Paul Krugman thinks Noot has tooted his last toot?

I am not so sure (and most of the commenters he's engendered don't either). The amount of money being spent in Florida ensures that it will also get pretty bloody by primary day.

Too bad Nootie's the only one to see much public worth in the space program. I agree with one of Paul's commenters (or perhaps he agrees with one of my long-held beliefs) that it is madness to turn over the publicly funded space interests to private enterprise. Read it and see if you agree.

Another often interesting source I enjoy reading, Stop Me Before I Vote Again, thinks he's seen the last of the liberal pretenders. I don't.

It's tough on us self-described liberals to see the behavior of others who "think" they are liberals as they sell us out to the latest neoconservative con artist. But money talks . . . . loudly.

On a nicer note, the Grateful Dead are B-A-C-K.

(As if they ever left.)

And Bob Weir and Phil Lesh have returned to the scene of the crime and are bringing some much-revered music venues back to life!

If only I could be there.



TONY said...

Only The Dead Are Grateful. Nice name for an album, eh, Suzan? Black Sabbath are supposed to tour soon but Tony Iommi's illness might complicate plans. How Black Was My Sabbath.

Suzan said...

he he

And how grateful are us dead?

Love ya,