Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our "Transparency" President and The Rules of American Justice

It's really tough on Obama's supporters (I would fathom) to maintain those ready smiles that arose after last weekend's South Carolina Rethuglican Massacree (h/t Arlo Guthrie) as they viewed today's news about the Supreme Court's verdicts on the cases waged by his designated law experts. (And, oh yes, they also "vigorously defended" Donald Rumsfeld(!) himself when the lawsuit filed by Jose Padilla came before a Virginia appellate court.) You'd almost think those Obama troops were in agreement with the prior group of Patriot Acters, wouldn't you?

Glenn Greenwald (another law expert) speaks truth to power as he enlightens us about the current administration's actions in court in defense of the ordinary citizen's Constitutional rights and the real Rules of American Justice.

Gotta love all that new "transparency," huh?

As one of the victims said, Bradley Manning should have committed the war crimes instead of reporting them.

And it's campaign time, troops!

On your mark, get ready . . . .

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