Sunday, January 29, 2012

Want To Know Why We'll Never Re-Regulate (At Least Until After the FALL)? Ask Romney About Off-Shore Money Laundering for Terrorism!

Several years ago I became somewhat infamous (in some circles) for telling one of my volunteer groups that I didn't think they should send any contributions to any organizations associated with the Clintons or Bushes. The smarminess of this group of "do-gooders," who made millions from "charity" work, signalled my Spidey sense just a little bit too eerily.

Also, I just never thought I had seen where any of these so-called nonprofits were doing any particular speedy good for the victims of their designated catastrophes. Haiti is a very good example of this mysterious benefaction.

Read the following essay for some critical facts:

Are All of These Type Charity Organizations Like This One?

Another case in point concerns the thieves whom we let run our banks without serious thought for which we will be forever paying.

And paying.

And paying . . . .

And they will never see the inside of a jail. No matter what they are guilty of.

Where Did All the Profits Go? Off-Shore Money Laundering for Terrorists

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