Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Misery (Really) Begins When Romney Takes Control

Doubt this if you dare.

USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

So, Please, let us (AGAIN) choose the lesser of the two evils, ok?

Let us never demand better, just what they give us to sElect from. OK?

Nothing good ever came from either of these two "parties". And to suggest that Romney will be even worse is folly.

It is ALL the same, if you sElect someone from these corrupt and brainwashing parties.

A Bushie - A OnamaBot = A PaulTard = A RomneyFool.

All the same. No difference.

Suzan said...

Thanks for the back-up, sweetie.

Unfortunately, it's generally believed that Obama will appoint Supreme Court justices just a tad to the left of what the others will bestow on us.

More hope!

Anyone ready to exit yet?

Thanks for listening!

TONY said...

Romney and Cain. Dream team or what? :)

Suzan said...

You're too late with that prediction, Tony!

It's now Romney and Santorum!!!!

USA USA USA !!!!!!!!!

(I'm still betting on a surprise visitation by Bushite Jebbie who will save the day for the Empire!)

usa usa usa !!!!!!!!

Love ya!


TONY said...

But you have to admit, Suzan, that Romney's hair and teeth are irreproachable. There's a job in O's second administration for him as Secretary of State For Lookin Good.

Suzan said...

You're right, Tony.

(Gaaah, I hope not.)

But the SC situation has gotten so bloody so quickly due to the infusion of gambler, etc., funds into Newtie's big pockets that maybe we better be worried about his inclusion?


It couldn't be that depressing.

Could it?