Saturday, February 25, 2012

Can We Stop The Coming War Based On Obvious Lies (Long-Planned) With Iran?

The Young Turks have the data and the attitude.

But can anyone stop it?

Stay tuned!

YIKES! "All Options On The Table"

If you've followed politics for as long as I have, you probably also knew why Joe Lieberman and so many of the other members of Congress got away with their obvious pro-Israeli (and anti-American) policies (and half truths if not outright lies) for so long. Tonight I'm hearing real lies, but, it is FOX Non-News (so, there's that). But it doesn't make me feel any better.

More Israeli lies coming at you (from FOX) hard.

In hopes we'll be going after them HARD.

Oh, and I've just about changed my mind about Jebbie jumping in now. It's too late and as we know, nobody defeats an American War President (and certainly not an American war hero).

And this will just ruin the Oscars! (As if.)


Bustednuckles said...

Jeb has zero chance and he knows it, thanks to his fuck up idiot murdering brother.
That brand is tainted forevermore.

BTW, Drunken hugs and smooches, maybe even groping, I had never heard the Boz Scaggs and Duane Allman gig before and I love it.

I am going to forward that to my friend Suzanne from FDL and I can guaranty she is going to have a fit too.

So cool.

Nice job honey.

Suzan said...

Glad you enjoyed it, sweetheart, me too. And thanks for the love.

Jebbie not running? Don't hold your breath. He'll be easily able to after they "beg" him when no other candidate can win the general.

And they've been planning for this all along, thus the reason for the obvious clown circus.

Love you always,


TONY said...

The gop clown circus could indeed lead to an uberclown emerging late as suggested in your post, Suzan. Thanks for the Boz Scaggs/Allman clip. I never heard that before either.

Suzan said...

You're so welcome, Tony.

If you find it hard to believe me (and I've been saying it for years as the Rethugs have never campaigned for a single positive program for the 99% as if they don't need to in order to win), click on the link and read how Jebbie was quoted as being "sad about the current field" of clowns who will lead to his being the white knight candidate at a brokered convention if not loudly by acclamation before.

It's a done deal, friends.

And I'm not happy that I guessed it long ago.

After all, when Dick Cheney was picked to picked himself, it was out there plainly for all to see.

Welcome to the Fourth Reich.