Monday, February 13, 2012

It's Not So Greek Anymore?


Greek Lawmakers Approve Austerity Bill As Athens Burns

From my buddy at Down With Tyranny we learn the Greek language (of despair).


Truth 101 said...

Incredible how those with all they need demand austerity.

Why the Greeks don't just say FU as Argentina did a few years ago and go back to their own currency is beyond me.

It's no different here in America. The wealthy demand the poor and middle class suffer because they say we live high on the hog. As is a big mortgage and living paycheck to paycheck is living the dreams of Avarice.

Suzan said...

But, Truth, baby,

Who else would even think that people poorer than they wouldn't need to be made to pay their bills?

It's a major symptom of sociopaths.

And most of them give off the smell of psychopaths. Don't you agree?

Love you,


Truth 101 said...

being the down to earth guy I am I would call them selfish and greedy assholes rather than sociopaths Suzan.

Love you too.

Suzan said...

Well, T, there is that.



TONY said...

It's come down to this is Greece -

Suzan said...

Of course.

Why not, eh, Tony?

If you read the latest "Wired" article on the lax security at the French museums/etc., you'll know it's been that way for quite a while.

It almost makes me think that the vultures like the Koch Bros, etc., have decided to not only pick up on the cheap real estate resulting from severe downturns (read, Depressions), but they've been hard behind the Austerity Movement that's led to lack of all public services, including preservation/security at museums.


Ha! They have a very nice price.

To the thieves.

Love ya,