Monday, February 6, 2012

This Wise Guy Puts It All Together (But We Should Have Figured This Out For Ourselves Long Ago) BA-ZINGA!!!

This Canadian gentleman speaks to the heart. Mine, anyway.


  1. A New Brunswick SOTU message that might get you drafted to run for office whether you like it or not.
  2. Ah, I didn't realize I was being that formal! One the positive side, this isn't a drafting kind of society.
  3. You are right on the mark, although some of your examples of visionaries I would take issue with. But the thing is that no one in her right mind is going to "do the things what are necessary" because to do so would be political suicide. Your points about a small town's dependence on fossil fuels are so obvious, it is supremely, breathtakingly shocking that more people don't "get" this. I have concluded that they don't get it because, to get it means they have to do something about it. And that would be difficult. And uncomfortable and, would --wait for it--upset people. Can't have those letters to the editor now can we?

    Thanks for the great commentary. Your articles make the Courier worth reading. Is this an Irving paper?
  4. Thank you. And no, the Courier is not an Irving paper. It's the oldest running independent weekly in New Brunswick, I think. It dates back to the mid-1800s.

    As to the visionaries cited, they were visionaries of and for their time. Times do change, but they were looking ahead. By comparison our current crop of "leaders" seem, well, revisionary at best.
  5. Your assessment is so on target. I had the pieces but I have never put them together as clearly as you have. The following is brilliantly said: Because “we” are no longer a production economy. We’re a service sector economy. Over the past four decades we’ve handed off real production to “developing” nations in Asia and South America. Our country is primarily a management and consumer society. We’re maintenance people, not producers. For the most part we run distribution systems.

    It applies to my country as well. If only politicians would pay attention and understand that we have a moral and ethical imperative to alter our course.

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