Saturday, February 11, 2012

There Is No Secrecy On the Internet (NONE)!

"Governments leak more secrets than any other entity."

- John Young

On purpose.

And as we know, friends, one of the main reasons is to increase the money flow to the Defense Department/National Security organizations. All the cyber threat funding (new funding because of "new" threats) just enlarges the funding for the real conspiracy theorists (the guys inside the Defense Department).

By the way, the latest defense department appropriations were passed with no real reductions (no matter what the PR said).Yeah, notice how that worry about the large deficit just disappeared into the dollar-filled mist?

And why is the U.S. government supporting and promoting Sharia believers (calling them "freedom fighters") all over the Middle East now? Is this just one more instance of funding the really-bad-guy religious groups (like the Wahabists were in Saudi Arabia) that make the corrupt big-power guys like the Saudis allies who seem like the better alternatives?

But, of course, everyone does.


2 comments: said...

Interesting that Michael Scheuer. Had he been in a position of power much of the diaster of the last 10 years could have been avoided.

Suzan said...

Ah, nice pickup, friend; but how could he have been in any real position of power (and what role is he playing now?) and have the history we are dealing with daily have been allowed to occur?

Conundrum city!

Bombs away?