Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is Government Really Powerless? (We Must Move Beyond Delusional Thinking About Austerity Creating Anything But More Poverty)

Paul Krugman wrote yesterday that it looks like Europe is going down the drain (so to speak) due to the austerity master no-minds in charge. The economies have gotten much worse since the medicine (poison) of Austerity Politics was judged appropriate and tenderly administered to the dying victim.

Dr. Krugman says he understands why "influential people are reluctant to admit that policy ideas they though reflected deep wisdom actually amounted to utter, destructive folly," but my much-considered thought is what if the real reason we're going off the Austerity cliff is that those paying the loudmouth political clown circus and enabling media to perform are just licking their lips awaiting those very cheap deals at the bottom of the cliff?

It became obvious to me during the Bush/Cheney years that the movers and shakers (owners) of that blood-spattered time were sociopaths if not psychopaths, who had absolutely no feeling for others or understanding of the pain they inflicted on the innocent, let alone the continuing damage on their own civilization (outside of their cloistered environments, of course). But it was great job creation (for them), wasn't it?

And as to the momentous increase of the wealth of those at the top of economic pyramid, have you wondered what sort of crime spree you'd have to go on to afford living in their neighborhoods?

You might need to get into finance.

And try to get Goldman Sachs to hire you.

My buddy Mike B has the following concerns for our evaluation. Take a long look if you have the time.


BuelahMan said...

Austerity cometh to America, too. No matter who the POTUS, it comes. The Republicans are open about it (and so is Obama, he just uses far more fluffy words when describing it).

SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, Foodstamps will all take mega hits soon.

Know that when the bankers start exiting their jobs in droves, understand that the jig is near up. And if you haven't heard, they are leaving NOW.­&s=3f3c24d300774a6218418d8c0b11448d

Suzan said...

Yes, of course, you're right, and I feel like I've been writing about the bad choices that our country's so-called "leadership" have made for years that could have avoided this abyss.

Every time we had the opportunity to mitigate an increasingly unstable future, it looks like we took the absolute wrong path, which has led us to this place of very few choices at the bottom of the pyramid: war instead of diplomacy; empowering the energy companies to not conserve but use up their trust of fulfilling our energy needs to further enrich themselves; lessening taxes on those who historically paid for the favor of allowing them to create jobs and enrich a country that provided the services so that they could; and on and on.

If Obama cuts the taxes of corporations again (and he's just proposed it), I fear there will be full-scale revolution, and the police state, which has been long in place, will arise with a vengeance that makes the Nazi brownshirts look like community organizers. And we already know who the "jews and gypsies" are this time: the poor.

Love you,


Truth 101 said...

Obama is pretty clever in his own right. Like with the health insurance bill. Triggers in it make it a better decision for business to pay a fine and let people go to the government program: a precursor to national health care I like.

The tax rates are meaningless to corporations now as there are so many loopholes hardly any corporation pays a tax rate commensurate with it's income.

What sucks though is Obama and his administration have to govern this way thanks to the damn dishonset republicans.

BuelahMan said...

What sucks though is Obama and his administration have to govern this way thanks to the damn dishonset republicans.


People will believe anything. even after all the lies and bullshit.

There isn't one iota's worth of difference between an R or a D, much less any difference between Obama and Bush (or any other criminal we have called POTUS).

Wake up and help me fix this mess instead of saying such hogwash.

Obama is not your, my or any American's friend. He is NOT "doing his best". He is doing EXACTLY what the PTB want him to do. Period.

BuelahMan said...


Do you think that things are going the way they are because that is EXACTLY the way they want them to go? I do. And I cannot think of any example that could possibly show me I'm wrong, much less say something like the person above did.

Roosevelt told us that NOTHING happens by accident in this government. So, this is not a bunch of "wrong choices", but exactly the opposite. It is them doing precisely what they want, the way they want.

They are criminals.

I wish the party sycophants could understand this very simple issue.