Sunday, February 26, 2012

You Know It's A Class War (And It's Coming To Your Door)

If you don't watch the next video (and I know it probably looks booooorrrriing), you won't understand how the powerful succeeded in changing all the terms of the argument in order to confuse the peons. In fact, they've made each classical term mean its opposite.


Bet you didn't know Spain's lower classes were next in line to get the punishment after Greece if we let the banksters do to Greece what they have planned for us all. Count on it.

Not A Class War? Like So Much In Media-Saturated USA, Terms Now Mean Their Opposite

Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine, which I've reviewed here and mentioned many times before, now provides a perfect case example in the current situation in Greece. The media tries to make the uninformed viewers believe that Greeks are uniquely bad people who deserve punishment, and if we buy this tenuous argument (try to keep in mind that there as well as here it was and is the bankers like Goldman Sachs who made the deals that need to be "bailed out"), we are pretty much sealing the fate of the USA and all the other western "democracies" to having 3rd-world-poverty at the bottom 60% of the population of all countries for decades to come.

Good luck with those expected booming economies and any  tourist trade ever coming back!


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