Friday, February 24, 2012

Glenn Greenwald and Amy Goodman Question Whether Obama Will Bring About Neocon Dream of Massive Regime Change | Breaking! - JEB In? (Or Just Sad?)

This is a very informative video on Obama's new role as military leader with Glenn Greenwald and Amy Goodman at Democracy Now! with the much-overlooked Wesley Clark "attacking Iraq" interview encapsulated within it.

Give it a close look and tell me what you think. I have a hard time believing they are saying this, but there again, I had a hard time believing Obama was leading the attack on Libya.

Wonkette, one of my favorite spots for the latest news says that Jebbie has been agonizing over the undue emotionalism of the Rethug clown circus (and is thinking hard about straightening them out). He wants to show them what a real conservative looks like.

I'm sure he's forgotten all about Karl Rove's mercy-laden campaign against that horrible, nocount, windsurfing, military-medal stealing communist, John Kerry, who tried to deny his little brother his proper due. Now, that was really conservative.

Don't miss the comments. They'll make your day!

And if you want your day ruined with the truth about some progressives' self worth (and it's been a while since I've heard this argument made), watch the video Glenn and Amy did on the people who have been killed on the word alone of the President. (It always has been good to be king.) Glenn's quite concerned with the secrecy aspect, but there again, who hasn't been?

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