Friday, February 24, 2012

How Control of the Media Is Maintained (Bill O'Reilly's Recent Book on JFK Provides Big Hint As To How Media Have Sold Out)

Salon picks up my favorite forensic journalist, Russ Baker, and his insight into how Bill O'Reilly's latest book on JFK is a disappointing update on his earlier reporting on the JFK assassination, and how his present position at the top of the media circus was attained.

Or maybe not. But it certainly looks more than a little bit suspicious to me.

And wasn't Bill a handsome, hard-charging young reporter? I didn't recognize him at first glance. Don't miss the video.

Oh, and speaking of where Rupert Murdoch's foxiness has gotten him in the UK . . . Cherie Blair (Tony's high-powered wife) sues News International, owner of defunct News of the World.

Seems that Murdoch is now deemed a fair-weather friend by those in power.

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